Meet The Lindsay City Council

Ramona Villarreal-Padilla - Mayor

Can be reached at: 559-361-3731 or

Appointed to City Council 01/2011

Mayor 12/2012

Elected to City Council 11/2014

(Term expires 11/2018)


Ramona Villarreal-Padilla is a former migrant student and is a graduate of Lindsay High School. She continued her education, obtaining a Masters Degree in Family Therapy and is currently working on a Doctoral Degree in Psychology from Chicago School of Psychology. Currently Ramona works at Lindsay Unified School District as a case manager for the “Supporting Father Involvement” program. She and her husband Lino have four children and two grandchildren.

Ramona has been involved with The Orange Blossom Festival committee, and has coached various city sports, including serving as head coach for the Lindsay High School Cheerleading Squad from 2001-2005. Ramona is a board member for “Healthy Kids, Healthy Lindsay.”  She understands the importance of culture, the lived experiences of others, and how they play a critical role in a person’s life. Her work involves interacting closely with families to ensure they’re successful in life in general.  Her passion and dedication are driven by helping students and families reach their greatest potential through education and commitment.

Ramona is also passionate about Lindsay and looks forward to assisting this city with present on-going developments. Some of her long-term community focuses are to have economic growth and engage the youth with more hands-on projects. One of her mottos is to “Shop Lindsay First.” She believes that if we think in this way, we can make a difference in helping our city to continue to prosper. 

Committee Assignments

Healthy Kids/Healthy Lindsay - San Joaquin Valley Air Board - ALTERNATE * Tulare Co. Association of Governments (TCAG) - ALTERNATE * Measure R



Rosaena Sanchez - Mayor Pro-Tem


Can be reached at: 559-756-4694 or

Elected to City Council 11/2012

(Term expires 11/2016)

Rosaena is a lifelong resident of Lindsay and graduated from Lindsay High School in 1992. She was raised in a farm worker family where hard work and helping the less fortunate were a way of life. These qualities were instilled in her by her parents and continues to be an integral part of her life as a public servant. Rosaena is a single mother of 3 children and has worked full time for the County for 13 years. Her focus as a City Council Member is to repair our roads, pursue improvement of our drinking water and ensure our city is fiscally responsible. Rosaena is also committed to working with the school district on accomplishing a pro-active gang prevention program.

Committee Assignment

ALTERNATE * San Joaquin Valley Air Board


Danny Salinas - Council Member


Can be reached at: 559-333-1020 or

Appointed to City Council 07/2001

Mayor Pro-Tempore 12/2012

Elected to City Council 11/2014

(Term expires 11/2018)

Danny Salinas is a native of Lindsay and graduated from Lindsay High School in 1983. He and his wife Lisa's family have lived in Lindsay for many years. He worked for ten years as a correctional officer at Wasco State Prison but a foot injury ended that career. He and his wife own the Uniform Connection and The Embroidery Connection in Porterville.

Danny feels he is open to anyone that has problems or concerns with the direction in which the City is headed. He wants anyone that wants to talk to get in touch with him. He feels one of his strengths is his ability to talk with people. His council goals include more activities and recreational facilities for kids. He feels he can help the City move forward with their plans for city improvements.

He serves as chairman of the Orange Blossom Festival Committee.

Committee Assignments

Health Care/Advisory Hospital District - ALTERNATE * Tulare Co. Economic Development Corporation/BIZ


Pamela Kimball - Council Member



Can be reached at: 559-310-4109 or

Appointed to City Council 06/2001
Elected  to Council 11/2012

Mayor Pro Tempore 11/2002-11/2008

(Term expires 11/2016)

Pamela Kimball is a Lindsay native, with family roots in Lindsay going back to 1914. She graduated from Lindsay High School in 1972, and obtained a bachelors degree in humanities from Brigham Young University.


She and her husband Dan have five children and 10 grandchildren. Primarily a homemaker while raising her family, Pam’s work experience includes substitute teaching and working in her family’s nursery and floral shop. She has given extensive service to her church, and in community organizations including school parent groups and site councils, the Lindsay Community Theater, The Lindsay-Ono Sister City Organization, the Lindsay Strathmore Coordinating Council (an emergency aid organization), and the Lindsay Cultural Arts Council, where she is current president. She is an advocate for the Arts and for the preservation of Lindsay’s unique history.

Pam currently serves on the board of directors for Healthy Kids, Healthy Lindsay, and is the City Council’s representative to the Tulare County Association of Governments, or TCAG. TCAG is the Council of Governments, Regional Transportation Planning Organization, Metropolitan Planning Organization, and Measure R (road tax) Authority for Tulare County-helping local governments receive state and federal funding and providing long range planning assistance.

Pam’s interests include regional cooperation and planning to solve today’s challenges with issues as air quality, water, and farmland preservation; preserving local culture and heritage, and planning for a prosperous future while respecting the environment.

“I see art and heritage activities as a great way to preserve the best of the past, authenticate the present, the project into a thoughtfully planned future. I have a genuine love for Lindsay and the entire San Joaquin Valley, and want this to be a place where my own children would like to live and raise their families. Keeping Lindsay a family friendly place, improving economic outlook, and inviting middle class and higher income residents back into town with some truly innovative projects are among my highest priorities.”


Committee Assignments

Tulare Co. Association of Governments (TCAG) - Measure R - Health Care/Advisory Hospital District - ALTERNATE * Healthy Kids/Healthy Lindsay


Brian Watson - Council Member

Can be reached at 559-358-0233 or

Appointed to City Council on 08/2016

(Term expires 11/2016)

Bio will soon be added.