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 Street Address:251E. Honolulu

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 Lindsay, CA  93247



The mission of the Planning and Economic Development Department of the City of Lindsay is to insure orderly growth and development, protect the public interests and assets, promote a high-quality of life for all citizens, and serve the public with technical skills and expertise to make sure that  all development "fits" into the "big picture" of what Lindsay should be.

The Planning and Economic Development Department of the City of Lindsay works under the leadership of the City Manager to handle all planning issues in the community.  Planning involves the interaction of individuals, elected officials, staff, business organizations, neighborhood groups, developers, and many more. 

The Planning and Economic Development Department at the City of Lindsay is responsible for the following programs and services: 

  • Project Review
  • Providing Planning Support and Recommendations to Decision Makers and Other Departments
  • Maintaining the City's General Plan
  • Conducting Environmental Reviews for both CEQA and NEPA
  • Presenting Planning Items before the City Council
  • Administering the City's Quality of Life Program
  • Providing Code Enforcement for Sign, Landscaping, Zoning and Nuisance Violations
  • Providing Assistance to the Public Regarding Planning Issues
  • Providing Assistance to City Sponsored Improvement Projects
  • Ensuring that All Future Development Follow City, State, and Federal Standards
  • Processing the Following Applications:

Annexations Sign Permit
Conditional Use Permits Temporary Use Permits
General Plan Amendments Tentative Parcel Maps
Home Occupation Permits Tentative Subdivision Maps
Lot Line Adjustments Variances
Planned Unit Developments Zone Changes
Site Plan Reviews  


The material provided here is for general information and should not be relied upon as the definitive expression of City Ordinances or policies. The Planning Division should be contacted directly for more definitive information




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