Lot Line Adjustments

Lot line adjustments (LLAs) are a powerful, relatively simple tool to adjust, move, consolidate, or eliminated lot lines between/among two or more parcels. LLAs are administratively reviewed and approved - no City Council review is required.

It is important to note that LLAs cannot be used to create more parcels than what originally existed. It can be adjusted to result in fewer parcels, or the same number of parcels. If the project will result in more parcels, then a parcel or subdivision map is required.

It is also important to note that LLA application materials (specifically the proposed legal description of the adjusted parcels) must be prepared by a licensed land surveyor.

In order to apply for the Lot Line Adjustment the applicant or surveyor must submit the following to the Planning Department:&

  1. A letter of request, detailing the proposed LLA and the reasons why it is needed.
  2. Four (4) copies of the proposed LLA map. This must be at least 8.5" x 11" and be legible, suitable for recording purposes.
  3. Copies of existing deeds for all affected parcels.
  4. Copies of proposed legal descriptions for all affected parcels.
  5. Application Fee.

Once the LLA has been processed by the City and any needed changes are made, the applicant will need to have the following ready prior to recording:

  1. New deeds affecting the proposed parcels.
  2. Preliminary change of ownership forms.