Quality of Life (Q.O.L.) Program


The Lindsay City Council has been working hard to improve our community and bring new jobs to town. To help these efforts, the City has started a city-wide "Quality of Life Program." This program seeks to address elements of existing city codes, in order to promote a better living environment and business climate. For this program to succeed every resident must help out and do their part to improve Lindsay.

Important City Codes

Abandoned Shopping Carts: Shopping carts should be promptly returned to the stores that owned them. They should not be stored on streets, sidewalks, alleys, or even private yards.

Abandoned Vehicles: If your car does not run, it should be stored inside a covered garage, and not on your front lawn, driveway, or on the street.

Building Permits: If you are expanding your house, adding on to a building, replacing a roof, or doing major plumbing or electrical work, you need a building permit before you start work.

Fences: Fences should be in good repair. A building permit may be required for a new fence.

Fires and Burning: Outdoor fires (barrel fires and burning trash or yard waste) are not allowed.

Garage Sales: You may have a maximum of two (2) garage sales per year. A permit is required before the sale begins, and may be obtained at City Hall. Garage sale signs may only be posted on your property, and may not be located on the street, sidewalk, utility poles, or street signs.

Noise: It is illegal to make loud noises (such as a stereo which can be heard outside of your car or house) which disturbs the peace of other people.

Outdoor Storage: City codes do not allow outdoor storage of junk, debris, trash, mattresses, broken furniture or appliances, and other materials in your front yard or where they can be seen from the street.

Overcrowding: Generally, houses and apartment units are "single family" and are designed for a limited number of persons. This helps protect public health and safety. A house or apartment unity with one kitchen is designed to be occupied by no more than one (1) family. It is illegal to live in a garage.

Parking: Vehicles may be parked on public streets, and in private garages and driveways. Parking is not allowed in front yards, sidewalks, marked "no parking" zones, or alleys. Recreational vehicles, boats, and trailers must be parked in a garage, carport, or behind a fence in the side or rear yard.

Signs: All new signs must meet current city sign codes for height, location, and design, and generally require a permit.

Trash Cans: Trash/recycle cans should be stored inside fenced yards except on days when trash is collected. Trash/recycle cans should be placed in public view only on trash collection days.

Weeds: Overgrown weeds are a fire hazard and are illegal. Keep weeds down.


The above items are highlights of the City of Lindsay Municipal Code. Please note that the entire Municipal Code is still in full effect and will be enforced. Generally, if you violate any section of the Municipal Code, the City may issue a warning or serve you with a citation. This requires that you appear in court and pay a fine. If violation continues after the citation process, the City may take further legal action.


City staff can answer questions about this program and take your complaints. Please feel free to call one of the following departments to discuss the specific concerns:

Community Development 562-7138

  1. Questions about the Quality of
  2. Life Program in general
  3. Zoning Violations
  4. Sign Violations
  5. Landscaping violations

Public Safety 562-2511

  1. Abandoned vehicles
  2. Fires, outdoor burning, fire safety
  3. Noise abatement
  4. Parking violations
  5. Weed abatement

Public Works 562-5945

  1. Building permits/new construction information
  2. Residential overcrowding
  3. Trash collection

Code Enforcement 562-7123

  1. Garage sales
  2. Outdoor storage
  3. Nuisances