City Park Renovation

New Design Conceptual Drawing

The Lindsay City Park, located between Sequoia and Parkside Avenues, north of the City Golf Course is currently undergoing renovation. The new, pedestrian-friendly design separates motor vehicles from pedestrians, and especially from children, to enhance both safety and the overall park experience.  As part of the renovation healthy, mature trees will be retained while some new trees will be provided for additional shade.  The historical cannon and the stage will be retained as well.  The stage will be improved with a new cover and the grass mound near the stage will be modified to create an amphitheater effect, enhancing entertainment opportunities.  Eleven picnic arbors will be added along with new playground equipment and lighted pedestrian pathways.  East-west vehicular circulation will be achieved by the addition of the Sierra View Street extension (not part of the grant funding the park improvements) along the north edge of the park.  The old, circular interior roads will be removed, which will add 1 ½ acres of available parkland for use.  The old, leaky pool will be removed, which has already been replaced by the state-of-the-art Aquatic Center, adjacent to the new Wellness Center.  The projected completion date is June, 2012.

For park questions, please contact City Services at (559) 562-5945